New Project: Lucid Christianity

This is just to update this site for anyone who might happen across it some day. I have started a new project called Lucid Christianity.

The website is:

The Facebook page is:

I do not use Twitter because I hate it. It is just a bunch of super extroverts shouting for attention because they are too afraid to look inside themselves and find their own self-worth so instead they just rely on the affirmations of others.

Currently there is no email subscription option because I haven’t coded it yet. Facebook is probably the best way to follow updates on the site. New posts go up Friday evening and the Facebook post goes out Saturday morning.

RSS “should” work. At least it works for me in Feedly.

I suspect this site will not be updated in the future, so if you are following it through some means then you can probably unsubscribe/unfollow.


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